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August 1958 Dovima (L) and Betsy Pickering in dresses by Lanvin-Castillo, photographed by Richard Av http://t.co/DZQ7AtPGJe

Begin Again - Music for the Disingenuous

12 July 2014

Keira Knightley plays the latest incarnation of this well-trodden character, a disturbingly photogenic singer-songwriter whose caddish boyfriend-collaborator first feeds from and then genuflects before her tentative accomplishments.

Cameron Brown

6 July 2014

On the Fourth of July, Cameron Brown took the stage at the Cornelia Street Cafe with his group, Danny's Calypso. For nearly an hour, they produced textures and voicings with the compressed complexity of a pen and ink drawing, or a gouache.

Crystal Monee Hall

4 July 2014

The cast of a musical has a unique chemistry, a pattern of group behavior that persists even after the show has closed. Members of a band may coalesce around an image, a sound - or, more frequently these days, a brand - but the dynamic is different. A musical forms a family, its cast physically and spiritually related by the common experience of serial performance, each show as different as the mood on stage and in the audience.